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Has your Toyota Tacoma or Ford (Explorer/Expedition /F-150 /Sport Trac) compass and temperature display stopped working?  The cause is very small surface mount resistors (and/or transistors) that have failed.  However, we will replace these components and restore your display to a condition better than the original factory design.  Our repair technique won’t fail…we guarantee it.

Please note that due to increasing numbers of incorrectly performed DIY repairs: if your display has a previous repair attempt and we are unable to repair it because of prior damage, you will receive a partial refund. (please see the FAQs page for more info)

If your display has not been previously worked on, our success rate is 100%!  We are your Tacoma compass fix headquarters.


3 easy steps to repair your display:

1.)  Remove the display and ship it to us (very easy to remove). You can pre-pay online, send a check or money order (US only), or wait until we repair the unit to pay.  Please ship to:


HJ Services
PO Box 774
Festus, MO 63028


2.) We take care of the rest!  First, we remove the old solder and faulty components, then professionally solder all new resistors onto your circuit board.  We also install wire lead heatsinks which not only radiate more heat, but also lift the resistors off the board to allow airflow.  We test the unit and if necessary troubleshoot other component failures.  After the repair is complete, we clean the glass and plastic interior surfaces.

3.)  We then ship the part back to you; we pay return shipping (USPS Priority to all states, PR, and Canada. Canada orders please note the increased shipping cost)  Turn around time is usually 48 hours or less, not including travel of course.  Just reinstall your console, and done!

—Please click here to read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page—


New pre-paid shipping options
Now you can ship out your display to us without leaving the comfort of your home!  Order a pre-paid shipping package.  The total cost of $63 includes round trip shipping and repair; you won’t spend a penny more.  We send out a pre-paid, pre-addressed shipping box and bubble wrap to your door; all you have to do is box up your display and drop it in your outgoing residential mail / local post office mail box, and it is on it’s way.  Save precious time…just select ‘USA Pre-paid shipping’ in the drop down menu of our payment button.  (US customers only, please)  See our shipping page for more info.


Repair your Toyota Tacoma overhead compass display. Tacoma overhead compass repair performed right, the first time.  We also fix Ford Explorer compass displays.

Flatbed truck conversion

Wooden flatbed conversions; and a plywood rack for a Toyota Tacoma!

Click the image above or click here to check out the details and build log of this bed conversion.  Looks pretty cool.  *** Next up we have a plywood rack, customized for a gen II Tacoma: Nice design…I could use one of these!  Link to lumberjocks writeup here.

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Switch painted to match interior

Controlling the dimmer on a Toyota overhead display

I had a client ask me the other day if I could prevent his overhead compass/temp display from dimming out when the headlights are on. I was fairly confident in the way Toyota had designed this function, so I did a bit of research with a multimeter and found the circuit responsible for this behavior. …

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